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Fiduciary Services

The Partners of Nichols & Pratt act in their individual capacities as professional fiduciaries. We serve as trustees of family trusts and private foundations and as personal representatives of estates. Nichols & Pratt is a full service private office providing investment advice and administration for each of our trusts. In addition, we are available to provide complete trust support services, advice, and investment management to individual and family trustees. Because we manage Nichols & Pratt in our capacity as individuals, we have developed a strong personal level of caring for our clients and their families.

Advisory Services

Nichols & Pratt Advisers, LLP is our affiliated Registered Investment Adviser partnership. The Partners of Nichols & Pratt are the Partners of Nichols & Pratt Advisers. The Partners of Nichols & Pratt Advisers provide investment advice and management services for advisory and retirement accounts. Because we are also professional trustees, we are uniquely suited to manage and advise trusts where we are not named as trustee.

Nichols & Pratt Advisers, LLP is a Registered Investment Adviser. The Firm may only transact business or give personalized investment advice in those states or international jurisdictions where we may legally do so due to registration or exemption from registration. The purpose of this website is for general information and shall not be considered investment advice.

Foundation Services

Where clients are interested in philanthropic giving through a private foundation, Nichols & Pratt can provide a full line of services in creating and maintaining a foundation. We serve our clients either as trustees or by providing full service foundation support for individual or family foundation trustees.

Estate Administration

As Personal Representatives, we handle all aspects of estate administration, including working with family members, tax professionals, and outside advisors to ensure the estate is settled quickly and properly.

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